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Santorini was or will be Atlantis ?

I think most of the photos and most of the articles about an island have been written about Santorini – the charming and mysterious island in the South Aegean, especially because of the fame that there was the legendary Atlantis in this region. Atlantis, which sank and disappeared into the sea without ever being discovered, …

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Croatia’s best roadtrip

We started in Dubrovnik – there we stayed one night and therefore in the mornings and evenings we could escape from the crowds of the day-tourists. During the day we enjoyed a pleasant bath in the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. Dubrovnik has a breathtaking old town – and I mean it so. You’ll …

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Romantic Italian islands

Ischia, Capri or Procida. Which one is more beautiful? Among the islands of the Gulf of Naples, among the most beautiful and certainly the most famous of the Mediterranean, stands the Isle of Mermaids, the name by which the ancient people used to call Ischia, an island that over time has conquered travelers from every part …