We started in Dubrovnik – there we stayed one night and therefore in the mornings and evenings we could escape from the crowds of the day-tourists. During the day we enjoyed a pleasant bath in the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dubrovnik Old Town and beach
Dubrovnik Old Town and beach

Dubrovnik has a breathtaking old town – and I mean it so. You’ll be snapping for air after you’ve run up and down the hundreds of stairs or better yet, walk around the city on its walls. And yet it’s worth it. The atmosphere especially in the evening is impressive.

The entrance to the old town of Dubrovnik
The entrance to the old town of Dubrovnik

The prices for the small rooms that can be found here in the historical buildings are exorbitant. But where do you still have the chance to experience the feeling of spending the night in a completely preserved medieval city?

Dubrovnik is 600 years old

We do not recommend renting a car in Dubrovnik yet. The parking spaces are rare and the penalties if you park wrong are enormous. It is best to do everything on foot – inside the wall there is only a pedestrian zone anyway.

The port of Dubrovnik

The next day we slept in a wonderful bay – here we also discovered a mystical abandoned palace and the sound of the small brook nearby made the atmosphere even more mysterious. An almost full moon made the scenery perfect. The oldest arboretum in Europe is also located here. And because the fewest tourists know this place we had the park almost for ourselves. Over 400 kinds of trees grew here in the sky and you can even hug the biggest sycamore tree.

Arboretum in Trsteno

The road to Split runs along the steep coast and from time to time small roads lead to lonely bays with crystal clear water.

Small bays on the way to Split

We have also stopped once briefly but had no time to swimm, than we had to pass 2 more times the border (Bosnia has here a narrow sea access) and sometimes this takes lot of time.

In Split we have chosen a beautiful apartment with private pool outside the city.  

Split was part of the Roman Empire

I liked the city even better than Dubrovnik and my knees also thanked me because here everything is flat – no more stairs!

Split old town

The city was once part of the Roman Empire and you can see it at every corner. Here a phrase written in Latin, there a statue and a temple dedicated to the roman gods – and in the evening performers dressed as romans came and gave a little show.

In the evening there was an impressive show

On the way to Krka we really heated up – hundreds of serpentines and temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit made us hardly expect to fall into the cooling waters of Skradinski Buk waterfalls. So do not forghet your swimmsuit.

In Krka is still allowd to swimm

Trogir is almost more beautiful and above all quieter. Here it is worth to spend the night and we were lucky to have the best panorama over the old town.

Our view from the apartment in Trogir

On the way back to Dubrovnik we made a small detour to the island of Korcula. Did you know that Marco Polo, the first world explorer, was born here?

Did you know that Marco Polo, the first world discoverer was borned in Korcula ?

We finally let ourselves enjoy 2 days of relaxing on the beach of Orebic which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. And so our route through Croatia almost ended, not without finally discovering another secret place. Did you know that here you can find the European Great Wall?

There is also a GREAT WALL in Europe – in the small town Stone

And along the way do not forget to stop for a break from time to time and taste the great wines of the region while enjoying a spectacular panorama.

If you also want to go there, but don’t know how to organize your trip, we will be happy to help you. Book a consultation with one of our travel experts and let us create the perfect route for you.