Costa Esmeralda is just as I imagined it to be; only Porto Cervo is even more beautiful. In the harbour there are yachts in all sizes and colours.

Several yachts in the Port

We walk through the streets of the city. Everything is round and reminds me of Dali’s pictures.  Even the church on the top of the cliffs.

Just as small is the 5-star hotel in the city center, which is integrated into the round rocks. A small white sandy beach.

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda has remained exclusive and beautiful, and still evokes an image of luxury, relaxation and crystal clear waters. This coastline offers a variety of fantastic beaches.  Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo are the two small gateways of the Costa Smeralda. Porto Cervo is undoubtedly the nobler of the two.

Porto Cervo

We drive along  other dream beaches in the Gulf of Aranci, Porto Rotondo and Marinella.

Sardinia has lot of unspoiled gorgeous beaches

Visit 2 places with gigantic graves from the time of the Nuragic culture. Interesting. 

Ancient sie of Nuragic Culture

On the way we pass by the big elephant made of stone by wind and rain…

In the evening we reach Castelsardo.  On a cliff lies an old town with a castle on top. Hard to climb, but for the fantastic panorama worth every effort.


Costa Smeralda: the history

In 1962, the 26-year-old multilingual Ismaili prince Karim Aga Khan, with a degree from Harvard in one hand and a 20-year-old baroness holding the other, armed with a fat wallet, founded a consortium to purchase a stretch of unspoilt coastline in the north-east of Sardinia, reachable easy by plane . The investors, all wealthy and cosmopolitan foreigners (the French lawyer André Ardoin, the beer tycoon Patrick Guinness, the banker John Duncan Miller, and René Podbielski, the exuberant writer from Central Europe, as well as Felix Bigio, Aga Khan’s private secretary), paid good money for a little piece of paradise. The Costa Smeralda was borne.

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